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Hi and thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Bergljot (but you can call me Bergy) and I'm here to be a guide and help you reconnect to your Higher Self, remember your life's purpose, and help you discover and fall in love with your innate gifts and abilities. 

I am honored to do this work, and would love to hear from you and connect if you feel like my work resonates with you! You can find me on Social Media here, read more about my offerings here, or click "Book Online" to schedule a session.

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My Journey

Ever since I was little, I felt like there was more to life than what we are normally taught. Vivid dreams, sensitivity to energy and supernatural experiences kept me curious and open to the possibility of there being more than what we can physically see and touch, and that there is magnificent mystery and unfathomable planes of existence for us humans left to discover. 

As I grew up, like we all eventually do, I took on a lot of conditioning and struggled deeply with life from time to time. I wished there was a manual for "how to be human", and I even fantasized about writing one myself! Everywhere I looked, whether it was in books or teachings or philosophies that promised "the answer", it didn't quite align with my sense that I innately held all the answers I needed within, and that "the answer" is different for different people (and perhaps indeed it is"42" :)

A number of head injuries have redirected my life time and time again, and always they remind me to return my attention inward instead of being externally focused on life. They have been my greatest masters as they have challenged me to accept the physical and emotional pain and reality of the present moment, they have made me redefine myself from external labels to see the inherent value in existence itself, and they have invited me to slow down and find joy in the small things in life, and lead me down this healing, spiritual journey for which I am ever so grateful.

My 9th concussion in 2014 led me deeper into the spiritual path. I became a Yoga Teacher (RYT200), had several life-changing experiences, and was, amongst other things, introduced to "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" by Dolores Cannon. This book blew my mind wide open, and it quickly became the first title I still tend to recommend to people curious and questioning about the seemingly "black and white reality of life".


I completed my Reiki Level 1 and taught a wide variety of yoga classes in the years that followed, ranging from Meditational and Restorative classes to more intense Flow and Vinyasa practices. I kept reading, learning, meditating, and growing, but I didn't feel like I was using my full potential and couldn't see my gifts. 


Enter Human Design. A dear friend of mine had mentioned it to me many years ago, but I had not been ready to receive it at the time. When I listened to Sahara Rose's podcast episode with Shayna and Dana from DayLuna in 2021 a fire was lit within me and I couldn't believe that the blueprint or "How to be Human manual" actually existed! I listened to all the DayLuna podcast episodes, did research, and like a true Projector dove deep down into all the rabbit holes of Human Design. I completed DayLuna's Human Design Reader Training and am so grateful for their high-vibrational translation of this complex system, and their loving guidance and support, and I resonate deeply with their unique way of teaching it. I became a Recommended Reader with DayLuna in 2023 and feel so grateful to be a part of the extended DayLuna family! 

Early in 2022, I stumbled upon another podcast that brought up QHHT® and the fact that anyone can learn how to practice Dolores Cannon's hypnosis technique. A new fire was lit within me as I signed up for the online training in January and completed the courses in the evenings after work. Then, as it all was seemingly going so well I hit my head again. 


I found myself debilitated in a more severe way than what I had previously experienced. Constant headaches, ringing in my ears, complete exhaustion, and light- and noise sensitivity rendered me tied to my bed for months on end. Having to wear heavy-duty sunglasses and noise-canceling headphones whenever I got out of bed I was once again facing the same demons I had become so familiar with the last time. I was ready to accept that the symptoms could last for at least a year, perhaps longer, and that I would have to start taking baby steps towards good health as I had done so many times before.

Then, on a beautiful summer's day 4 months later I got to experience my first ever QHHT® session with another practitioner. I came into the session wearing sunglasses, reeking of peppermint essential oil (to release the tension in my neck and traps), feeling exhausted from walking to the front door from the parking lot, yet excited and grateful to get to experience a QHHT® session from a client's point of view.  Fast-forward to 4 hours later and I was completely symptom-free, my body felt as good as if I had never had an injury in my entire life, and I felt almost too good to be true. Still to this day, it felt as if I got to press the "reset" button, no more symptoms, no more sunglasses, and tons of energy to do all my favorite activities! Another bonus is that I've got to become even better and more intimate friends with my Higher Self.


I learned so much that day, and feel even more confident and excited to be able to offer this amazing self-healing modality to others! I'm currently a QHHT® Level 1 Intern, working my way up in the number of sessions to receive my Level 2 certificate.

After spending all of my 20s in BC Canada, on a partial quest to become a professional skier, the other part being hungry for adventure and new experiences, I felt the calling to return home to Norway as my Saturn Retrograde came around, and I moved back to Norway in 2020 right as Covid hit. I met my wonderful partner (2/4 Manifestor) in a small mountain town where we bonded over bikes, skis, and nature, and in 2023 we welcomed our baby boy (6/2 Man Gen). In the fall of 2023, we moved into our dream property with a small farmhouse from the 1860s and a barn from the 1820s, just like we had dreamt of. I now teach yoga in the tiny studio in the barn, and we are so grateful to be custodians of this special property and hope to enhance it to bring lots of joy and magic to all our friends and family in the years to come. 

In 2024 I enrolled in Lisa Erickson's Contemplative Guided Energy Work Practitioner Training. This modality is all about Trauma Sensitive Energy Work, and I love learning from her as I deeply resonate with her chakra and energy healing work. I look forward to incorporating it with my other modalities down the line.

My path in life so far has led me to a great number of experiences, places, and people who have all taught me something, and I am so grateful for where I am today. I will be on this journey for as long as I live (I'm a 3/5 profile in Human Design for those who resonate), but looking back through the pain and the lessons I would not want to have had it any other way, and I am so excited for what is yet to come!

I am so excited to share my gifts with you and look forward to diving deep into your Human Design chart together, to be your guide on your QHHT® journey, guide you in a yoga class, or lead you on an energy healing journey through your chakras. 

Thank you for going on this journey with me!

You can read more about my offerings here.

My Journey
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